Checklist for Last Minute Travel

Whether or not you have a social media app or site to check on your mobile phone, the common thing today is seeing travel invites online. It might be depending on your newsfeed since each person has its own preferences. But this story might be familiar to you.

You booked a weekend trip somewhere and your companions canceled at the last minute and you’re left with a couple of plane or train tickets to that destination. It happens to other people too. But instead of sulking, they’d try to sell those tickets to someone available at that minute and, maybe, be your travel guide by default.

The last quip is not a guarantee, and not all hagglers online would bluntly say that. So what are a few things you should add to your checklist to help you check a certain destination out? A few words from our friends at The Affordable Moving Company before reading the rest of this article – take the social media posts with a grain of salt. Read on.

  • The Destination

It is still a last minute thing after all. So you have to check how far out is it from where you live at the moment. If you have an appointment that got canceled at the last minute as well, chances are the time that could have been wasted isn’t as much as well. But you want to make the most out of it. If you have enough time to kill waiting at the airport and still have ample time left to enjoy the destination itself.

  • The Level of Difficulty to be Expected

This usually comes up in last minute travel plans that involved activity-laden itineraries like hiking, surfing or any activities that required physical dexterity. There are mountains, for example, that is easy enough to trek to entice beginners. And there are mountains that required the use of crampons and a travel guide per hiker to avoid any casualties. (Yikes!) As for the beaches, some surfing destinations are exclusive to professionals while other beach resorts are safe for families to come and check in and learn surfing skills for the first time.

  • The Date(s)

How is last minute last minute? Some young urban professionals consider 2 weeks from now as last minute. Others would take a weekend getaway less than a week from now. And those who really had a lot of time on their hands can go book a trip as soon as tomorrow. Again, to each his or her own.

  • Contact Number

While social media has made it so easy to contact other people online now, certain messaging apps required a mobile number to log in instead of an email address. It made sense then if some of these individuals looking for a last minute travel have Skype, Whatsapp or Viber on their gadgets with a SIM card. Almost sounds like analog but still useful when trying to connect with your potential travel guides.

Some last minute social media posts tend to be too long that these pointers can easily be diluted into the details. But let this checklist serve as a guide to see the essentials. It will help you decide quicker and you get to focus on the fundamentals. 

Here is a short video of other small things to add to your checklist. Have a great trip ahead!