The Travel Bag Checklist

At some point in our lives, we have been told to write a checklist now just to cross out some stuff later. Having a checklist is still better than none since as much as we wanted to remember what to bring, we also need to remember what not to bring. It’s the best way to end up with a fully packed luggage only to realize how the items we should not have packed in outnumbered the items that we left at home.

Ready to trim down your travel checklist? You’d realize the prevailing theme as you see which items are worth keeping there.

  • Hat

A cap or a visor is good if you are just looking for some shade against the sun rays for your eyes. But if you need something to keep your hair up without having to resort to a ponytail, then a straw hat will do. If you have short hair, the hat protects even the short strands at the back of your head. Pretty stylish too if it coordinated well with the clothes that you included in your carry-on bag.

  • Ibuprofen

Or Mefenamic Acid. Maybe it’s a brand name that first pops up in your head instead of paracetamol or some other pain reliever. If you travel even if you have a throbbing headache, either that headache coincided with your travel plans and you don’t feel like canceling or you have traveled so many times in the past that a headache (or some other ailment) just seemed like a common occurrence. As long as you stick to the kind of pill that keeps you medicated without being dependent on it afterward, you’re fine.

  • Water bottle

Certain tourist destinations have restaurants that have a drinking water dispenser. It’s often free. If you can refill your water bottle with that dispenser, do it. Knowing how pricey certain brands of bottled water have become, you can only thank your handy water bottle for the savings earned in the middle of your travel.

  • Power bank

Having a charger is good for your gadgets like the smartphone and the digital camera. But sometimes you end up in a room with no socket. Sounds familiar? Maybe because the last time you went out and not expect an electric socket is when you went trekking in the mountains. So a fully-charged power bank saves the day. And your gadgets too.

Remember that packing stuff when traveling is not all about the clothes, toiletries, and undies. You need some help with making the trip convenient for you. Staying connected online help along with keeping yourself hydrated throughout the weekend getaway and medicated with some pain relievers at hand. All in all, it makes your life traveling worthwhile and memorable. You can learn more about traveling preparation at